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Rumour-killer, March Entertainment, Sudbury

mainimagewide1There was some grapevining last week that March Entertainment had closed up it’s shop in Sudbury. A friend of mine from that neck of the woods found that odd, as there’d been no word of it locally, signs were still up, and generally things looked normal. So I went straight to Dan Hawes, President and Owner at March. Dan filled me in. Needless to say, reports of March Sudbury’s demise have been greatly exagerated.

Truth is, the studio in Sudbury is open and we are producing Pet Squad there. It is a show for the BBC and Jon Izen and team are directing.

We are also in the process of applying to bring more projects there that are CGI. There is a huge investment in outfitting with Maya and appropriate systems but we are working on it. We hope to have the CGI component up and running early next year.

March currently has a number of projects on the go or just about to commence;

– Pet Squad for BBC (Sudbury)
– Dex Hamilton movie (completing this fall) – various broadcasters in Sudbury and Ottawa
– Playmobil DVD Movies (1, 2 and 3) in Toronto with some guys in Sudbury
– Yoko, Mo and Me full CGI TV series for ZDF in Germany … just commencing

So things look pretty healthy at March.

Thanks Dan.

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