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Justin Murphy’s Festival recap, OIAF ’09

am_pb_avy4I opened my mailbox tonight, just one last time before shuffling off to bed, and what do I find? Justin’s final report on his Ottawa Festival experience. In this installment, J-Dog(he loves it when you call him that) picks his favourites, shares some experiences, and thanks me profusely.

And now it’s my turn.

Justin, you are awesome.

Thanks so much for being everywhere at this festival, for telling us about it every night, and for sharing your magnificent facial hair with my readers.

I really dug Justin’s deadpan reports, complete with snazzy soundtracks.  I’m hoping I can get him to contribute here again.  I’ll also be posting his film up here soon, it’s nifty.

So, Justin:  Thanks for being my man on the street for OIAF ’09.

Til next time: Unique…unique…unique.


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