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sarila_logoThere’s a rumour going around that this is a Canadian production. Well, a quick Google search later and I found some details.


sarila_big_3It’s an 80 minute 3D feature being produced in Quebec by 10th Avenue Productions. They’ve got some other animation on their resume along with documentary and games production.

Here’s the synopsis:

This is the story of a voyage of initiation in which three young Inuit go in search of a promised land, hoping to save their clan from famine. It is also the story of a fight to the death between two shamans, the young Markussi and the aged Killiq, who feels that his power is threatened.sarila_big_2

I can’t get the embed code to work for the trailer, but here’s the link.

It’s directed by Nancy Savard, who also helms 10th Ave.

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