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from the internets

  • Amberwood scores a few more Rollbots deals
  • How To Train Your Dragon‘s Dean DeBlois, one of our expat community
  • Spliced! is coming to Teletoon April 1st from Nelvana. Designs look cool, could be fun.
  • Mia, from children’s software house Kukota Interactive, coming to Societe Radio Canada

Here’s a clip from Spliced! Let me know what you think.


  1. Chris Chris March 30, 2010

    Im confused. Why would you have posted this, and then ask us to tell you if its any good? If you haven’t seen it, wouldnt it have made sense to watch it, then post?

    If you have seen it, can’t you judge for yourself?

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | March 30, 2010

      Sorry Chris, you’re absolutely right. I was hurrying to post this and in my haste, I wrote poorly. I meant to simply be asking readers to share their opinion. I’ll rewrite the line. Thank you for your vigilance.

  2. w w March 31, 2010

    I can’t see the clip for some reason, but myself and a couple of other animation-y types went to the WGC presentation by the co-creator of the show, Simon Racioppa. You don’t even have to ask me how the talk was, judge for yourself, the WGC has posted the interview as a podcast!


    They also showed a couple of eps there too. ‘Spliced’ wasn’t really my cup of tea, it almost was, but it came off just a little too ADD-ish for me and I couldn’t find a lot of rhythm to the pacing. I like fast, but I felt it could use more rhythmic contrast. But it is definitely a different show trying something new (for around here, anyway) and I’m all for THAT.

    Keep tabs on the WGC – those presentations are pretty civilized. Held at the Camera Bar in Toronto, look em up on Facebook if you’re a show writer and approach ’em! Could be YOU up there next.

  3. w w March 31, 2010

    Oh, and Simon approaches the reasoning as to why it’s been airing in other territories for over a year now, which is interesting. Everyone did a fine job on the show, btw. It’s pretty popular worldwide.

  4. p p March 31, 2010

    best show ever to come out of nelvana!
    writing, animation, direction.
    kudos to matt ferguson and his team, one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

  5. Cameron A. Cameron A. April 1, 2010

    I just saw “Honorary Freak/Come to the Dorkside.” Spliced! is a bit overbearing, but still one of Teletoon’s better offerings.

    One of the commenters talks about Spliced!‘s pacing, which I think is better than usual for a Teletoon show. Johnny Test and World of Quest are much worse in their pacing. I’m actually surprised this came from Nelvana.

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