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From the internets: Special edition, Teletoon names Alan Gregg to position of Director of Original Content

I’m a little miffed, since I don’t seem to be on Teletoon’s list for press releases, but it seems they’ve foound Michael Goldsmith’s successor: Alan Gregg.

Here are a few links:

I don’t know Alan, but I’m hoping I can track him down for a chat. This position affects every one of us, and the guy in that chair has some say in the shows you’ll be working on a year or two down the road.

Best of luck to Alan, and congratulations!


  1. Gene Fowler Gene Fowler March 31, 2010

    He’s a good fellah. He’s been around for awhile now and has done some nice stuff.

    Congrats to Alan and Teletoon!

  2. w w March 31, 2010

    Someone @ CAR try to score an interview w/ him! Press releases are kinda all the same.

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