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the challenge of animation, part III

March 30th, 2010

Another quickie, just a link really, but as we address the challenge of animation, it’s important to be looking for a solution.  I’m struggling these days to put it all on paper, but it’s there, and I’m going to try to spell it out.  At the very least, here’s one of the ingredients: crowdfunding. (read the frigging article please)  I’m used it for my film, Nick Cross is using it for his as well.

There is a content revolution occurring as we speak, it’s a quiet revolution and the powers-that-be want business-as-usual.

Viva la revolucion.



  1. actuallyKnowSomething actuallyKnowSomething March 30, 2010

    I fail to see how a person could make a living out microfunding nevermind run a animation business.

  2. w w March 31, 2010

    Well, KnowSomething, I guess it’s not for you, then. The linked article’s pretty interesting, I think.

  3. Nick Nick March 31, 2010

    At this early stage in it’s development, crowdsourcing is not a way to make a living. Really it’s a way to help get small projects made by supplementing the budget.

  4. Grant Moore Grant Moore April 4, 2010

    It’s interesting to watch independent productions continue to rise and find their way into becoming a viable means of making a living. This website seems like a great way to get something over that first hurdle and into production.

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