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Craig Young’s Moonchicken, by Nick Cross

Here’s an animatic that’s being pitched around by Amberwood Entertainment.  Created by Craig Young, storyboard by Nick Cross.
I’ve told a lot of people that Amberwood’s doing new things these days, this should be proof enough of that.


  1. Ariel Ariel May 5, 2010

    Love the humour and drawing of Nick’s Board. But where was this promo going? Chicken? Moon?..

  2. Craig Y Craig Y May 5, 2010

    HA! Where’s it going indeed! This rough teaser was meant to compliment a more elaborate pitch package…a pitch package that is now being completely re-worked. It was a TON of fun working with Nick and seeing a bit of life breathed into this…the guy
    (Nick, not the chicken) is a massive heap of talent! It’s one of those ideas that truly requires a few twisted minds to make work.

    Canada has a few of those…right?

  3. Craig Y Craig Y May 5, 2010

    PS – Thanks for posting this Mike. It was an unexpected surprise!

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