It’s That Time of Year – Cosmic Christmas

By Mike Valiquette

From the Nelvana that brought you Rock & Rule and Boba Fett’s first appearance, it’s Cosmic Christmas! A bit of a tradition around here, this is what you could get away with back in 1977. Try pitching this to a network today. It made a pretty colossal impression on 4 year old me…. »

Showcase: Nana, by Ali Kellner

By Mike Valiquette

I’m super excited to share this with you guys. Nana is a standout film, from a standout creator. Ali Kellner made this very personal and poignant film during her final year at Sheridan, and it’s been on the festival circuit for a loooong time. Take a look at all the laurels, it shows. But it’s… »

showcase: Catacomb, by Bijan Shahir

By Mike Valiquette

Bijan Shahir just shared this, and it’s great. Catacomb from Bijan Shahir on Vimeo. I’m a big fan of Bijan’s work. He’s a talented creator who, like most of us, spends his time making tv shows look great. I want to see more stuff like this. Thanks for sharing it… »

Friday fun: SKATE, by Diane Shaher

By Mike Valiquette

It’s Friday! Watch this! SKATE from Diane Shaher on Vimeo. And check out Diane… »

It’s A Dance Off! Sublo and Tangy Mustard #9, by Aaron Long

By Mike Valiquette

Bojack Horseman director and amazing Canadian, Aaron Long, makes cartoons when he’s not making cartoons. If you’re not aware of the adventures of Sublo and Tangy Mustard, you’re about to be. Aaron’s on episode 9, and it’s one of the best he’s made. (also, it’s totally set in Toronto.) Check it… »

showcase: Host Body, by Chad VanGaalen

By Mike Valiquette

A new video from Chad VanGaalen is always a cause for celebration, and today, we celebrate! There’s things to read about this amazing musician/animator over here. But basically: he’s from Calgary, he’s made a bunch of records, and they’re awesome, and he’s also made a bunch of equally awesome animated music videos. Plus a big… »

Christmas Cartoons: A Super Science Friends Christmas, Tinman Creative, 2016

By Mike Valiquette

Yesterday we posted a blast from the distance past of 1990, today we’re only going back a year. But time travel is nothing new to the Super Science Friends! From the amazing gang at Toronto’s Tinman Creative, Super Science Friends is a truly independent animated series, and the Christmas episode is a personal favourite. If… »

Christmas Cartoons: The Nutcracker Prince, Lacewood Productions, 1990

By Mike Valiquette

It’s the holidays, and Christmas is just days away. Full disclosure, I’m a huge sucker for this time of year. We celebrate a lot of different things during this season, but Christmas is the one I grew up with, and so it’s the one I wish people. I love all the lights, I love that… »

Robin Joseph’s Fox and the Whale shortlisted for the Oscars

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto-based animator Robin Joseph‘s self financed short film, Fox and the Whale, is on the short list for Oscar contention. CTV talks about it here. The film is among ten that are vying for 5 nomination spots in the Best Animated Short category. it’s the only Canadian film in the mix this year. Here’s the… »

Kyle Marshall’s 3 Amigonauts, FULL EPISODE

By Mike Valiquette

Is the best cartoon to come out of Canada in eons? Maybe. Is the creator, Kyle Marshall, currently living in Los Angeles and working for Nickelodeon? Darn right he is! Did this get made at 9Story? Yes indeed. Watch it. We can discuss… »

SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS!!!! Cartoons for you to watch!

By Mike Valiquette

I haven’t properly updated the universe about Super Science Friends in a while. And it’s an exciting time for Super Science Fans! The gang at Tinman have been hard at work creating more amazing episodes for us mere mortals. The best thing you could do with your day is to hit this link: Trust… »

Merry Christmas! Brian McPhail’s DOWN A DARK CHIMNEY

By Mike Valiquette
down a dark chimney, santa claus, christmas, animation

Yesterday, we posted Tinman’s amazing Super Science Friends Christmas special, and today we’re giving you a rarely seen treat: Brian McPhail’s dark cult favourite, Down A Dark Chimney. In the past, our Christmas tradition at Canadian Animation Resources has always been to share the Nelvana cult classic Cosmic Christmas. Last year, we broke from tradition… »

Merry Christmas from Tinman Creative Studios and the Super Science Friends!

By Mike Valiquette
super science friends christmas santa

Just in time for Christmas, a Super Science Christmas treat! Not for… »

showcase: Jam Filled’s Tom Pajdlhauser, “Get Off Your Computer”

By Mike Valiquette

Great little video on Art Director Tom Pajdlhauser, who works out of Ottawa studio Jam Filled. More of this, please. Captain Tom for Maru the Circle Brand from Maru Brand on… »

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can! Spidey Redux, courtesy of a whole bunch of Halifax animators.

By Mike Valiquette

So cool to see this making the rounds. Gizmodo picked it up. Polygon posted about it. Something called the Awesomer shared it. And so did GeekTyrant. The Nerdist was all over it. Stan Lee even shared it! (or at least, whoever runs Stan’s Facebook page did) You get the picture. A bunch of animators did… »

showcase: Money Trees by Dylan Glynn

By Mike Valiquette
money trees dylan glynn

Cool little film from Dylan Glynn. Loose and gentle and dynamic and full of stuff for your brain. Just how I like… »

Countdown to OIAF 2016: MORE Festival Memories from Rob Anderson

By Mike Valiquette
rob anderson, animation, canada

OIAF 2016 is right around the corner. It’s a big year, the festival is celebrating 40 years. I’ve been going since 1992, and from this vantage point it all seems like one long blur of faces and films. Thankfully there are those out there with clearer memories. One of those is our very own occasional… »

showcase: OLYMPIA, by Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan and John Black

By Mike Valiquette

Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan and John Black just finish a collaboration, titled OLYMPIA. It’s an animated tribute to the Olympic Games, especially the athletes and their amazing moves! OLYMPIA from henrique barone on Vimeo. You can see the video and some production gifs here:… »

showcase: IMPOTENTS PILOT IS ONLINE! from Vancouver’s Smoking Doors

By Mike Valiquette

Independent animation production wins again! After a successful crowd-funding campaign, Vancouver studio Smoking Doors has just completed and released their adult-animated comedy pilot for the Impotents! Check it out!… »

showcase: Howie Shia’s BAM, courtesy of the NFB

By Mike Valiquette

This. Thank you to the NFB for working with directors like Howie. I love this film. Howie Shia’s BAM is next to perfect. The craft and skill of execution so wonderfully compliment the creative. Enjoy. BAM, Howie Shia, National Film Board of… »

gradfilm showcase: Jack the Rabbit, by Steven Woolley (Algonquin)

By Mike Valiquette

A few months back I was visiting my hometown, Ottawa, and booked in a few hours to go and pay a visit to my pals over at Algonquin College. I taught there for a while, about 6 or 7 years ago. I had a strange cross section of classes. Acting for Animation, and Business of… »

gradfilm showcase: Beauty, by Alice Lemma (Sheridan)

By Mike Valiquette
beauty animation alice lemma

I’m really thrilled to see so many of the films from last week’s Sheridan Gradshow actually online. A lot of grads hold off due to somewhat archaic festival rules. I’m 3 for 3 on some of my favourites so far. So here’s Beauty, by Alice Lemma. Amazing work. Easily one of my favourites from this… »

gradfilm showcase: Veggiemancer, by Justin Chan (Sheridan)

By Mike Valiquette
veggiemancer justin chan animation

Veggiemancer was another standout at the Sheridan Industry Day this year. Great design and colour styling, solid storytelling, and excellent animation. Justin Chan did a really great job on this one. I’m now a fan. VEGGIEMANCER from Justin C on Vimeo.   VEGGIEMANCER: MAKING OF from Justin C on… »

gradfilm showcase: Blue, by Jason McLean (Sheridan)

By Mike Valiquette
blue animation canada

This is beautiful. Great work by Jason McLean. Blue. from Jason McLean on Vimeo. There;s a great interview with Jason over here on Character Design… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Luggage & Interview with Tracy Harris

By Kyu-bum Lee

Grad film season is upon us yet again. With Calart films popping up on the web and Sheridan Industry day 2016 happening very soon, lets warm up with one from last year, Luggage (2015) by Tracy Harris. Interview to follow after the video. Kyu: Hi Tracy, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Can you… »

showcase: Kafka’s Little Fable, by M. R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette
Kafka Animation

Something a little different from Toronto-based director, M. R. Horhager. Kafka’s Little Fable features really gorgeous art direction from his frequent collaborator Aaron Hong, and some rock solid animation by Omar Al-Hafidh We’ve featured Horhager’s work on here before. He’s an interesting director in that he doesn’t have an obvious visual style and he doesn’t… »

watch this! Sam Chou’s 2016 Director Reel.

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.38.57 PM

Pretty badass. Sam Chou DIRECTOR REEL 2016 from Sam Chou on… »

WATCH THIS! Sheridan College Industry Day Promo 2016

By Mike Valiquette
sheridan promo

Lots of great stuff teased in here. Can’t wait to see the films. Sheridan College Industry Day Commercial 2016 from Jessica Mao on… »

Watch this! Space Missionaries, by Solis Animation and M.R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette
space missionairies

Want to watch a not-quite-safe-for-work cartoon? Well, Space Missionaries could be your thing. We posted a trailer way back in 2013 (right here, see? And it looks like they got to make a few episodes with the folks at Mondo.  Here’s episode 2, HOLY SH*T. Written and directed by M.R. Horhager. Solis Animation does… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Shadow Boxing & Interview with Ricardo Regalado

By Kyu-bum Lee

Another gradfilm showcase today is ShadowBoxing by Ricardo Regalado. In a mood for a silent film? Take a look and also check out the interview to follow below.   Kyu: Hi Ricardo, thank you for agreeing to do the interview. Can you tell us bit about yourself? Ricardo Regalado: I was born in Merida, Venezuela and have moved… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Puppy Knight & Interview with Julien Capati

By Kyu-bum Lee

I first watched Puppy Knight at Sheridan’s Industry day in 2015. I had immediate attachment to it since I am a lover of video games and action anime alike. Puppy Knight was one of those films that were didn’t take itself too seriously and just fun to watch. Please enjoy the film and the interview… »

Demo Reels: Blame Your Brother Creative Workshop

By Mike Valiquette
blame your brother, animation, canada

Want to watch another cool reel? Well look no further. Here’s the latest one from Blame Your Brother Creative Workshop. Blame Your Brother is Darren and Geoff Donovan, actual brothers, actual twins, actual crazy talented individuals. Darren’s an animator, Geoff’s a graphic designer. They make a great team. They’re also really nice guys, but don’t… »

DEMO REELS: Tinman Creative Studios

By Mike Valiquette
tinman, animation, canada

I’m tired of posting jobs. It’s great, there’s lots of work out there, but sometimes I get buried under the job posts and it feels like that’s all we share around here anymore. Want to watch some demo reels? Some of them are pretty fucking great. Let’s start with my pals at Toronto’s Tinman Creative…. »

showcase: Jo Minkus, by Benjamin Anders

By Mike Valiquette

Nickelodeon International has unveiled another Canadian creation. This one is Jo Minkus, from Sheridan alum Benjamin Anders. It’s a ton of fun. Jo Minkus from Nickelodeon International on Vimeo. This film was originally conceived during Ben’s time at Sheridan, and a lot of people noticed it at graduation time. I remember it well. It’s easy… »

showcase: Mercury Filmworks Holiday Card 2015

By Mike Valiquette
Mercury Filmworks Christmas Mad Max Fury Road Santa Rudolph

Here’s this year’s offering from Ottawa’s Mercury Filmworks. Someone liked Fury Road. Mercury Filmworks 2015 Holiday eCard from Mercury Filmworks on… »

showcase: Happy Holidays from Eoin Duffy

By Mike Valiquette
Eoin Duffy XMAS animation

One of the great things about this time of year, for animation fans, is all the animated greetings that start to pop up. Like this one, from Eoin Duffy! Happymerry! Happy Holidays from Eoin Duffy on… »

Showcase: Eoin Duffy’s Einstein100 – General Relativity

By Mike Valiquette
Einstein, David Tennant, animation, Eion Duffy

We’ve showcased his work before (check out the Missing Scarf here), and now we’re doing it again. This one’s got it all: Einstein, animation, and Doctor Who himself, David Tennant!!! Last time they got Sulu, this time Dr. Who. Crazy. Vancouver animator Eoin Duffy makes films I like to watch.  So here it is, watch… »

IT’S HERE: SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS, from Tinman Creative Studios

By Mike Valiquette

Months ago, Toronto animation shop Tinman Creative Studios decided they wanted to make a cartoon. I know. Revolutionary. They had an idea that no one in the broadcast industry wanted to give them money to make, so they stepped around them and went right to the people. To no one’s surprise, THEY gave them money…. »

Happy Halloween from Blame Your Brother

By Mike Valiquette
halloween ghost pumpkin animation canada

And from us too! Lil’ Ghosty from Blame Your Brother on Vimeo. Great little halloween clip from the guys at Blame Your… »

showcase: Starboard and Stern – SOS, by M.R. Horhager

By Mike Valiquette
starboard and stern

I’m going to try to play a bit of catch up on various cartoons that have been popping up online. We’ve been so overwhelmed by job posts that sometimes we don’t get around to posting the fun stuff. Speaking of fun stuff! This one’s Starboard and Stern, a pretty straight up cartoon by Toronto director… »

showcase: TRUTH OR DARING, The Canadian Federal Election Cartoon, by Barnabas Wornoff and Friends, UPDATED: Part 1 and 2 are up!

By Mike Valiquette

It’s topical, and almost dirty. It’s maybe not-totally-safe-for-work. It’s the latest offering from Toronto animator and madcap animation hooligan, Baranabas (Barney) Wornoff (along with a whole gaggle of other animation types, this stuff doesn’t just make itself). Barney’s the manic man child behind a few other torn-from-the-headlines favourites, like the Ikea Monkey game, and last… »

showcase: Foxed!, by James Stewart

By Mike Valiquette

I’m overdue sharing this. It’s James Stewart’s awesomely creepy stopmo film, FOXED! Foxed has a bit of history, making the rounds on the festival circuit and finally securing a development deal to be adapted as a feature. It’s a unique film, with a unique voice. I’m a fan. Here ya go. FOXED! from James Stewart… »

showcase: Sublo and Tangy Mustard, from Aaron Long

By Mike Valiquette
aaron long, sublo and tangy mustard, animation news, animation site

Aaron Long is back with a whole new cartoon show! The creator of Fester Fish has just launched what he’s describing as his next independent webseries, Sublo and Tangy Mustard. From Aaron’s Tumblr: Here’s Episode 1 of Sublo and Tangy Mustard, my new cartoon! It stars Ryan Long, Kevin Doan, Heather Mazhar and myself, with… »

gradfilm showcase: Chums, by Raymond Lefebvre

By Mike Valiquette
chums, animation, cartoon

It’s Thursday. Want to watch a cartoon? Here’s Chums, Ramond Lefebvre‘s grad film from this past spring at Sheridan. Splodey! CHUMS from Raymond Lefebvre on… »

showcase: Toronto Alice, by Jennifer Linton

By Mike Valiquette

We shared the Indiegogo campaign for this charming film last year, and now we’re very happy to share the film itself. Toronto Alice from Jennifer Linton on Vimeo. Here’s the description: The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ is transported to contemporary Toronto. Whilst riding a streetcar, Alice encounters a pair of… »

Canada Day Treat: Captain Canuck Season II Teaser

By Mike Valiquette
captain canuck, webseries, animated

Happy Canada Day everybody! I debated putting this one up, but damned if it isn’t totally appropriate. It’s Canada’s big day, and Captain Canuck is our very own national hero, so sharing the teaser trailer for season 2 of the animated webseries is the thing to do. I’d be excited about it even if I… »

gradfilm showcase: The Casebook of Nips and Porkington, by Melody Wang

By Mike Valiquette

Some very creative storytelling, accompanied by rock solid design and animation, from Sheridan grad Melody Wang. The Casebook of Nips & Porkington (2015) from Melody Wang on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Stay Positive, by Tom Henderson

By Mike Valiquette
stay positive

Another favourite from Sheridan: Stay Positive, by Tom Henderson. Clearly a David OReilly fan, and it’s evident in more than just the use of rigs. I smelt it in the pacing right away. “‘Stay Positive” – 4th year Thesis Film from Tom on Vimeo. Some background on the film… »

gradfilm showcase: Spaceman Spence, by Luke Coleman

By Mike Valiquette
luke coleman

Love this. Love the Euro/Bande Animee crossed with Kirby goodness. Nicely done Luke! Spaceman Spence from Luke Coleman on… »

Showcase: Cats Can Wear Suits, by Cale Atkinson

By Mike Valiquette

Fun. By Cale Atkinson. Sometimes it’s just about cartoons. Cats Can Wear Suits from cale atkinson on… »

Showcase: Lost Daughter & Interview with Dylan Glynn

By Kyu-bum Lee

I knew little of Dylan when I was at Sheridan (I was two years ahead) but it didn’t take long for me to notice his great sense of art when I saw his beautiful illustration. More than that, I love how he translate his illustrative style to the animation medium and invoke emotional response from… »

WACKATDOOO! by Benj Arcand!

By Mike Valiquette

From Benjamin Arcand: After screening in more than 20 film festivals around the world, my film Wackatdooo is finally available online! Watch it and let me know what you think, if you like it please share it!  Cheers. Wackatdooo from Benjamin Arcand on… »

Cast your vote for Uberdude!

By Mike Valiquette
Facebook Banner

Toronto’s Smiley Guy Studios is in the running to get their original webseries, Uberdude, picked up by SMOSH’s Shut Up! Cartoons! Youtube channel. Shut Up! Cartoons! is collecting viewer feedback and votes on 4 separate shows, and right now, it looks like Uberdude is in the lead. (disclaimer: I work at Smiley) Voting ends on… »

Merry Christmas from Canadian Animation Resources

By Mike Valiquette

Tis the season, gang. Merry, merry. As is tradition, we’re happy to share the Canadian Christmas classic, Nelvana’s Cosmic Christmas. Be well, everyone. Cosmic Christmas from GreenMeanie on… »

from the internets: Flooby Nooby talks to Copernicus’ Murray Bain on the release of “Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo”

By Mike Valiquette

Just in time for the holiday season, a great new animated music video from the gang at Copernicus for David Myles’ Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo”, plus an interview over at Flooby Nooby!… »

Just in time for Halloween… it’s RINGO

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.56.40 PM

An eerie little film to tickle your Halloweenie (can I say that?). Here’s M.R. Horhager’s… »

Amir Avni’s McLaren retrospective available online

By Mike Valiquette
mclaren retrospective

In honour of the legendary Canadian-by-way-of-Scottish animation pioneer, Norman McLaren’s 100th birthday, animator Amir Avni put together a wonderful tribute that was presented at this year’s Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI). I wasn’t able to catch it there, but thankfully, it’s now available on Amir’s Vimeo page. “A retrospective I curated about Norman McLaren… »

SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS Master Post- Animation update #7

By Mike Valiquette

I love this more than most things. Maybe as much as I love sandwiches. Tinman Creative Studios is a wonderful little studio in Toronto run by wonderful people. They make wonderful things. The most wonderful of those things is Super Science Friends. They refer to it as “the show that no one will ever buy”…. »

showcase: The Missing Scarf, by Eoin Duffy

By Mike Valiquette

Just watch this.  It’s terrific. And it’s got Sulu narrating. Original Sulu, not Harold & Kumar Sulu. George-freaking-Takei. The Missing Scarf is Now Available Online! Press release: One of the year’s most successful short films premieres online. The animated dark-comedy, masquerading as a classic kid-friendly morality-tale, has racked up 16 international awards, including honours from… »

showcase: Black Sugar, by Jiani Cao

By Mike Valiquette

Finally! I caught a look at this film at the Sheridan Gradshow last spring, and was hooked. The design is amazing, from the individual characters to the overall art direction. Jiani understands how colour design works as a storytelling tool. That’s something that few artists ever really grasp, and she’s making a solid attempt in… »

showcase: Lumberjacked, by Joel Mackenzie

By Mike Valiquette

This all that there needs to be today. Joel’s getting love from Muchmusic: And Vice’s Noisey:… »

showcase: Mike Edel’s The Closer, Mike Edel, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Henrique Barone, Thanat Sattavorn, Cesar Martinez, Breno Licursi

By Mike Valiquette
closer 1

The Closer, a short film wrapped up as a video for musician Mike Edel, premiered today on Vimeo. Henrique Barone, a west coast animator originally from Brazil, sent me the link last night. He described the project as extremely collaborative, but I was able to get a credits list out of him. Mike Edel’s The… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Happy Unhappy, by Jean Liang

By Kyu-bum Lee

Happy Unhappy. Jean Liang‘s film completed at Sheridan College. I’ve been waiting to see this film for awhile and now it’s publicly available for all to enjoy. Fantastic art direction and story telling. Great work,… »

Happy Canada Day!

By Mike Valiquette

A little Log Driver’s Waltz, for those of you feeling… »

Showcase: Starboard and Stern, by M.R. Horhager and Solis Animation

By Mike Valiquette
starboard and stern

Another fun cartoon from Bite on Mondo? Say it ain’t so. The latest offering is Starboard and Stern: Two shipwrecked castaways, Starboard and Stern, live on a small remote island within swimming distance of the Bermuda Triangle. It’s good fun, and the guys at Solis did a great job on a webchannel budget to make… »

showcase: Bite on Mondo’s Don’t Feed the Humans, by Jeff Shorkey and Solis Animation

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 8.53.38 AM

Bite on Mondo’s started rolling out their pilots, and they got this one right. Don’t Feed the Humans. Created and written by Jeff Shorkey. Animation chores by Solis Animation. Jeff Shorkey. JEFF SHORKEY!!!! That name may not mean much to you, but it does to me. Jeff may not even remember this, but he used… »

Showcase: On the Subway, Mike Geiger

By Mike Valiquette

Mike Geiger is back, united once again with none other than the inimitable Hobo Divine! These guys are a dream team, and the latest concoction is On the Subway. Stick your eyes on this, readers! On The Subway from mike geiger animation on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: JOHNNY SPACE CAT!, by Michael Robot

By Kyu-bum Lee
johnnyspace cat

Michael Robot recently completed digital character animation course at Sheridan College and the end product is one hilarious film, JOHNNY SPACE CAT! I personally really dig the animation on the Evil Robot Dog. You can see more of Mike’s videos on his Vimeo and his art… »

Gradfilm Showcase: The Hunt, by Celina Hulshof

By Mike Valiquette
the hunt

A great mix of traditional and stopmo, here’s The Hunt, from Sheridan grad Celina Hulshof. The Hunt from Celina Hulshof on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Lift Me Up, by Eden Esposo

By Kyu-bum Lee

Sheridan 2014 Graduate Eden Esposo‘s film Lift Me… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Plugin, by Sergio Di Bitetto

By Mike Valiquette

Another on from VFS: Plugin by Sergio Di Bitetto. Plugin – VFS Mix version from Sergio Di Bitetto on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Solace, by Nneka Myers

By Mike Valiquette

Another Sheridan film: Solace, by Nneka Myers. I really like this one. Solace from Nneka Myers on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Yeti For Breakfast, by Josh Adler

By Mike Valiquette

Josh Adler, from Vancouver Film School, sent us a link to his film: Yeti For Breakfast.  It’s short, solid, and goes a little dark at the end. Yeti For Breakfast from Josh Adler on… »

Gradfilm Showcase: The Champ, by Rosemary Travale

By Mike Valiquette

Another Sheridan grad, Rosemary Travale sent us a link to her film, the Champ. Stop-motion, YAY! There was a fair amount of stopmo at Sheridan Industry Day, something that I noticed last year as well. Great work by Rosemary. The Champ from Rosemary Travale on Vimeo. Here’s the desciption: A little boy obsessed with professional… »

Gradfilm Showcase: Waterfront, by Ashly Phaphonsomkham

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 3.01.10 PM

It’s that time of year again: 2014 Gradfilm season is upon us. We’re going to get the ball rolling with Waterfront, from former Sheridan student, now Sheridan alumni, Ashly Phaphonsomkham. Enjoy! Ashly Phaphonsomkham FINAL from Ashly Phaphonsomkham on… »

Happy Friday!

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 7.50.22 AM

A little something to end the week, from Toronto animator Freddy… »

East Coast Anijam: Beat Boxing!

By Mike Valiquette
beat box

Anijams everywhere!!!! This one’s was put together by a group of Halifax animators as an entry for the Nocturne Arts Festival 2013. It’s called “Beat Boxing” Pretty much a who’s who of East coasters. Nocturne Festival Entry 2013 – Beat boxing from grahaeme on… »

Smiley Guy is back with another round of Furry Force

By Mike Valiquette

Another Smiley Guy related post, sorry. Furry Force 2 came out this past week, on College Humor. The first one broke 2 million views in about a week, so the order came in pretty quickly for a second one. Not totally SFW. You are warned. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny… »

showcase: 40K Anijam

By Mike Valiquette
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 1.41.51 PM

Here’s a little story about an anijam that spontaneously erupted last week. On Monday morning, I noticed a Facebook update from musician Buck 65, known also as Rich Terfry. Rich hosts the afternoon drive show on CBC 2, something I used to listen to very regularly back when I had a commute. Rich/Buck is a… »

Best thing today: Yellow Sticky Notes Anijam, by Jeff Chiba Stearns and Friends

By Mike Valiquette
YSN_Canadian_Anijam_Poster Laurels for Web

It’s finally here! Look at all the amazing talent! I don’t think I’m going to post anything else today, it would be unfair to everything. There’s a press release attached after the film, it’s worth reading. For those of you who don’t know, Jeff Chiba Stearns made a film called Yellow Sticky Notes, then he… »

awesome little promo piece from Blame Your Brother

By Mike Valiquette

Blame Your Brother is a great little boutique studio based in Toronto. This is what they do. BYB Morning Coffee from Blame Your Brother on… »

It’s finally happened: No Ford Nation presents, the Toronto Mayor Show

By Mike Valiquette

This popped up on BlogTO today: 3 episodes so… »

showcase: Backwards Cat, by Versiris

By Mike Valiquette

Have I mentioned I love Backwards Cat? Because I do. Follow Versiris on… »

Latest instalment of Michael Habjan’s CG Hulk/Superman slugfest hits Youtube

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto-based CG Animator Michael Habjan uploaded the latest in his ongoing Superman vs the Hulk videos to YouTube over the holidays. Michael’s been plugging away, producing segments in his spare time, improving his craft with each new video. I love watching this project evolve. The models get better, the acting and camera work get better,… »

Holiday animation roundup

By Mike Valiquette

I already posted Shaz Lym’s Hollidizzle greetings, but there are usually a few notable animated greetings worth showing off at this time of year. I’ll update as I find ’em. Here’s the Cineplex holiday bumper, with character animation from Toronto’s Blame Your Brother. Cineplex Holiday from Blame Your Brother on Vimeo. And Sam Chou’s Style5… »

Happy Hollidizzle, Y’all. from Shaz Lym

By Mike Valiquette

Something short and… »

showcase: I Hate You Red Light, MR Horhager and JM Walter

By Mike Valiquette

Audience choice winner at this past year’s TAAFI, I Hate You Red Light is finally available online for your eyes to eat with their bare hands. It’s a great example of old-school cartoonery…. »

Showcase: Cuppa Coffee’s Fordtacular Spectacular!

By Mike Valiquette

Entertainment Tonight Canada’s site reported that Toronto’s Cuppa Coffee Studios has produced a 90 second short, Fordtacular Spectacular! Here’s the link: And now, just a few short days later, here’s the film! According to the article, American and Canadian broadcasters were interested, which is a bit odd for a short. But the world media… »

showcase: Adam Brown’s Calvin & Hobbes dance

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto animator Adam Brown likes to make things. The latest thing he made was a short bit of animation featuring the iconic comic strip characters of Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes. It’s a cute little dance, and the internets sure like it. Here ya… »

Greatest Cartoons Never Made: Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, by Nick Cross

By Mike Valiquette

Yeah. This almost happened. Chester Brown, Nick Cross, Smiley Guy Studios, and Bruce McDonald. Those would’ve been some very cool beans. Oh, and purely by coincidence, today is also Louis Riel’s birthday. He would’ve been 169 years… »

showcase: Blurton Animated, by Ian Jeans

By Mike Valiquette

One of the best things about going to events like the Ottawa festival is little gems like this. I bumped into a pal of my, Ian Jeans. Ian teaches at Algonquin, and has been a fixture in the Ottawa animation scene for as long as I can remember. My first exposure to him was the… »

showcase: Style5’s CRIME, MARCUS McGHEE, by Sam Chou and Freddy Carrasco

By Mike Valiquette

Style5’s been launching episodes of their CRIME webseries in a very timely fashion. The latest one just went up, and it’s my favourite of the bunch. Freddie Carrasco did a great job with it. Marcus McGhee, a school teacher in Hartford Connecticut, tells the story of when his car was stolen and the police did… »

showcase: Overboard, on producing animation

By Mike Valiquette

A cartoon about producing cartoons. Here’s what the producer, Ariel Chao, shared with us about the origins of the film: This journey started with an idea to highlight the production side of animation where the spotlight rarely shines. That idea flourished with imagination and passion fueled by our amazing crew members. The final result of… »

showcase: Dog Walker, The Most Loyal, by Carla Veldman

By Mike Valiquette

A really lovely stop-motion video to get the day started. Carla Veldman produced this for Toronto band, The Most Loyal. Dog Walker – The Most Loyal from Carla Veldman on Vimeo. Plus, there’s a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff over on her blog. Check it out… »

Captain Canuck Animated, Episode One Premiere

By Mike Valiquette

Just in time for Canada Day! Here’s the first episode of the new Captain Canuck animated webseries! Produced by Smiley Guy Studios and Captain Canuck INC, and directed by Style5’s Sam Chou. Happy Canada Day,… »

Happy Canada Day!

By Mike Valiquette

A little classic Canadiana to celebrate our big day, the National Film Board’s classic, Log Driver’s Waltz: Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz by John Weldon, National Film Board of Canada Directed by John Weldon, based on the song by Wade Hemsworth, and performed by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Enjoy…. »

Showcase: ArtBlock, by Kimberly Luu

By Mike Valiquette

Another great film that really caught my eye at the Sheridan open house, Art Block, by Kimberly Luu. ARTBLOCK from Kimberly Luu on Vimeo. It’s got great atmosphere, and some really nice, loose, animation. Enjoy!… »

showcase: Basilisk, by (M)Ami Thompson

By Mike Valiquette

So this is Basilisk. Ami Thompson‘s grad film from Sheridan. I’ve been told she interned at both Disney and Studio Ghibli. Basilisk by Ami Thompson from Ami Thompson on Vimeo. Kinda breaks your brain, no?… »

Showcase: Ghana, by Gyimah Gariba

By Mike Valiquette

Another Sheridan Grad Film, Ghana, by Gyimah Gariba. Gorgeous. Ghana from Gyimah on… »


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