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This Saturday, May 8th, will be our first anniversary here at  Before that, we were a hacked-together bunch of blog pages for about a year, and even before that, a simple Facebook Group.  The site has come a long way and it’s become something of a full-time job.  We’ve added new regular contributors (Rob Anderson and Mark Cappello), will soon be announcing two more, actually broke a story (CORE closure), and, on a good news day, we’ve hit as many as 5500 readers.  This is obviously more than a hobby for me, and I hope to keep on doing it for a long time to come.  My plan is to keep the services here free to all.  I’ve had a lot of folks tell me I should be charging for job posts, and maybe even make it a members-only site, with modestly-priced memberships.  None of that sits right with me.  For this to work, it has to remain accessible to all members of our community.

But here’s the rub.  I can’t continue to provide this service, let alone expand it, without support.  And so, using the crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo, I’m launching the first ever Canadian Animation Resources Funding Drive.  I’ve set the bar high, forty thousand dollars, but if you do the math, that amounts to a part-time income for one year(after IndieGoGo takes its cut).  Not only will I be able to continue to share this resource, but I’ll be able to follow through on some big and small plans for the site, including focusing more on longer-form posts, finally updating the blogroll, and launching a standalone broadcast portal for Canadian Animation.

Here it is then, the big push.  All supporters will get their names and link up on  a supporter’s list.  You’ll also get your name on a ballot to win our Canadian Animation Prize Pack (details on that will follow).  Anything above 100 dollars will get you some ad space.  I’m going to see what else I can do to sweeten the thank you pot as we go along as well.

So if you’ve ever posted a job here (or found one), if you’re one of those daily readers, or want to get your logo up there next to Pixar; if you value this service and want to see more, it’s time to hit that link at the right and get this funding drive rolling.

Thanks everybody, for a great year and, hopefully,  for many, many more.


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