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Events: Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games, Miramichi NB

It’s coming up next week, June 16th and 17th, and I’m gonna be there this year, the Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games, in Miramichi, New Brunswick. This’ll be the first trip to Jalloo for me, and a return to Miramichi.  Animation in the maritimes has been struggling since the big dip a year or so ago.  While Ontario has recovered pretty well, and BC seems to be bouncing back, the east coast just hasn’t been able to get back on it’s feet the same way.  Collideascope and Fatkat closed, and apparently the only shop that still has really steady work is Halifax Film Company.  So, an event like this is just too important to the community out there.  I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, putting a few faces to the names I’ve come to know, and seeing what’s really going on out there.  Games may be the answer, as the TV animation biz just doesn’t seem to be able to hold on in any big way for the east coast.

I’ll be joining the state of the industry panel and will be doing a presentation on Canadian , which I’m playing around with now, as well as covering the event for the site.  If any of you are on the edge as far as joining us for some east coast hospitality, get off the fence and book your flight.  There’s a lot of amazing talent out there, and plenty of business to be done.

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