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Site News: Welcome to new sponsors!

I just want to take a moment here to acknowledge all our sponsors here at Canadian Animation Resources.  If you, my readers, have a moment, click on any of the links you see in the sidebars or at the top of the page and check out the work being done here in Canada.  Just today, I’ve added Fuel Industries (who generously showed their support via our fundraising  drive on IndieGoGo), our friends at the Ottawa International Animation Festival (the big show is coming up in October, and there’s always time to take advantage of the Canadian Animation Industry Directory they publish), and also, Mercury Filmworks!

I spent some time this week getting a tour at Mercury and conducting an interview with Mercury honcho Clint Eland.  Clint really opened the doors to me over there, and I saw some animation that really caught me off guard.  The work they’re doing is incredible.  I’m going to be running a profile on the studio, probably in two parts, over the next week or so.

This would also be a good opportunity to share with you guys how some of this works.  I try my best to be pretty transparent here, and if anyone ever has any questions about how we do things at Canadian Animation Resources, all you have to do is ask.  I’ll use the Mercury piece as an example.  Yes, they’re coming on as sponsors.  Yes, I’m going to be running a profile on the company.  The profile, however,  isn’t an ad for the company.  I leave the ads for them to create.  What does work, is that during the course of doing business, Canadian Animation Resources develops a relationship with the studio or company in question, in this case, Mercury.  If I feel that my readers would benefit from an inside look at the company, then I approach them to do a piece, like this one.  I ask the questions, and it’s up to the company or artist to answer them as they see fit.  It’s not exactly hard-hitting journalism, but it’s not a puff piece either.


Thank you, once again, to our sponsors!  It’s really important to point out that these organizations don’t have to help out here, but they choose to.  They don’t get any more service on the site than anyone else, no special treatment. They’re here to help keep this site going, and in return, I give them a spot on the page.  Because of them, Canadian Animation Resources is surviving.

Thank you.

I’ll be writing soon with an update on our funding drive on IndieGoGo, that’s a whole other beast.



update:  And welcome back to Starz Animation!  Starz was our first paid sponsor here at Canadian Animation Resources.  The site never feels the same without them.

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