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showcase: Fruit, Juice! Protein? by Tavis Silbernagel

I wish I had a trumpet effect for this one!  Canadian Animation Resources is super proud to present, for the first time EVER on the internets, the best animated short you never saw: Fruit, Juice! Protein? by Tavis Silbernagel!

This is one my most favourite-est films ever made and it sprung from a very creative period in Ottawa animation ten years ago.  Tavis was working at Dynomight Cartoons, where, before it imploded, several short films were produced independently, and by the studio, in a matter of years.  Nick Cross was cutting his teeth on Tea for Two, then the music video Maybe, a second Untalkative Bunny short was made by Graham Falk, Tavis produced this little inaugural masterpiece, Nick made his third film, Unterseafraulein, and Troy Little tested his animation chops on a Mr Coffee Man short.  I believe Brian McPhail was also producing the Stiffy the Dead Dog Series of shorts for  MTR Entertainment out of the studio then as well.  It was an amazing time, and shows what can happen when you put creative people in a room together and empower them.

But enough of that.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, a Canadian Animation Resources exclusive! Tavis Silbernagel’s undiscoverd classic: Fruit, Juice! Protein?

Fruit, Juice, Protein! by Tavis Silbernagel from no.73 on Vimeo.


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