Dave Cooper’s Bent at OIAF 2010

There are all kinds of tasty treats peppering the festival this year, here’s one of them:

Dave Cooper is doing a signing of his latest book: BENT, from Fantagraphics.

Here’s what Dave had to say:

hello friends!

i wanted to let you know that i’ll be signing copies of “Bent” this saturday- in conjunction with the Ottawa Animation Festival!

“Bent” is my new 80-pg coffee table book of drawings/paintings.

saturday, oct 23rd, 6-7pm
Arts Court Studio
, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa

i would love for you to come out and make this event a big success! i’m just back from an exciting west coast 6-city tour that was super-fun. but it will be great to see lots of familiar faces here in my own hometown.

fyi, there will also be small original drawings available for those interested ($60ea).

all the very best,

your pal,

Here’s a video of Dave’s book and some hands:

Here’s an article in Wired about it: Article in Wired about Dave Cooper’s Bent