Hallowe’en Showcase: ‘The Gruesomestein’s Monsters!’ – Mark Ackland and Riccardo Durante

By sir warren b leonhardt

Created by Toronto-based directing duo Mark Ackland and Riccardo Durante, The Gruesomestines’ Monsters was a project that I thought was destined for great things when I first saw the story reel years ago.

Originally part of the ill-fated YTV ‘FUNPAK’ contest, these shorts got aired once or twice on YTV a few years back, and were never seen since. Fortunately for us, they’re on YouTube! So, in keeping with the spooky holiday spirit, here are all 6 of these hilariously dumb shorts that I wish ever so much were a series, on web or tv. Oh, please, gods of the cartoons, let it be thus. One of the best things Nelvana Ltd. in Toronto ever sponsored by total accident, then let the creators slip away to do things for Disney channel, and these cartoons have hardly seen the light of day:

LET THERE BE LIGHT! HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! ‘Making of’ blog is over HERE.

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