tonight on Teletoon: Duncebucket

By Mike Valiquette

I’m winding down my Ottawa International Animation Festival activities for 2010, and I’m tired, soooooo tired.  But if I’m still awake at 11:30 tonight, I’m going to watch Duncebucket.  Duncebucket was one of a bunch of pilots made about two years ago for an innovative pilot program undertaken at Teletoon.  I sat through the lot of them last year at the festival where they made their debut, then they popped up again in an online rollout.  Well, at long last, they’re on the teevee.  Last week they aired the largely forgettable, high-concept “Fugget About It”.  I didn’t bother spending another 22 minutes on that puppy.  But Duncebucket, while not my pick of the litter, was the clear winner in the laugh department in the theatre last year.  I’m curious to see how it holds up.

Ok, to recap.




11:30 tonight on Teletoon.




5 Responses to “tonight on Teletoon: Duncebucket”

  1. Brad

    Last year at Ottawa, I too could not stand watching any of the Pilot episodes from Teletoon. Except “Duncebucket”.

    Original, funny and with a variety of twists and turns.

    Those other shows were disgusting, not funny and un-original. I couldn’t believe studios wasted money and talent on those concepts. Honestly.

    Are we allowed to be honest on the net? 🙂

    • We are.
      I didn’t think too much of the bulk of the shows in the lineup. Most were mediocre, some were bad, and one was horrible. Dunce Bucket had the best audience reaction. But my personal favourite was and is Angora Napkin. A true cartoon in the best sense of the word. It’s coming up this Sunday night. Give it a shot.

  2. Brad

    I’ve watched both Angora and Dunce and they definitely were the better of the bunch. I just don’t get what those studios thought when they were making those other ones.

    Are our tax-paying dollars going into those productions??

  3. John

    No, they were paid for by the network. Don’t worry about your precious tax dollars. Are you even old enough to pay taxes?

  4. Actually John, while the network did pay for the pilots, the production companies that produced them also took advantage of government funding programs to top up their budgets.



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