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showcase: ‘Rise of the Living Corpse’ – Chris Walsh

Sheridan College instructor Chris Walsh knocked out this horror filmfest favourite last summer, and it’s been plastered everywhere including the horror connoisseur site Fangoria. I’m digging the AMC new series ‘Walking Dead’, so let’s post this in honour of all things zombie.

More about Chris Walsh on his Vimeo Channel and blog.

Here’s what he told Fangoria about this film:
“I don’t have much to say about it, it’s so short and direct, but to be honest, I just wanted to make a funny zombie puppet! Who doesn’t want to make a monster… then bring it to life?! That’s what stop motion at its core, is all about. I’ve learned to trust my first instincts- if a simple gag makes me laugh when I dream it up, if I can stay true to it – in terms of timing and performance and overall production-, it’s likely to have the same effect on an audience. And with it being only 30 seconds in running time, I figured I had something short and sweet, that could ‘get in and get out’ with any audience, anywhere. And it seems to have worked. Not bad for a ‘production budget’ of honestly, about $100.”

So nice to see instructors walking the walk, isn’t it?

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