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from the internets: Max the Mutt announces four year program

Via Facebook:

The Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities has approved Max the Mutt’s application to offer a four year Diploma in Classical and Computer Animation and Production!

This program brings together the current 3 year diploma and the Advanced Diploma. Uniting these into one program has enabled us to fine tune courses, and add courses. In place of the Flash workshop, students will now have a semester long Flash course. In year three, Maya will be added to curriculum both semesters so that by year 4 our students will be familiar with the basics of animating in Maya and will have been introduced to the entire program. We’ve also added an extra acting class, and two courses in “Drawing For Animation.” The core program remains the same, as does our commitment to drawing and classical animation as the foundation of good animation in any format. Our goal is provide training for top quality character animation.

Many thanks to all the professionals who helped us by designing new courses, to all the folks at Key Frame Digital who reviewed and endorsed the entire program,  to Marcia Gittens, our acting Office Manager, who worked so hard to get this huge project formatted and presented to the government, and to Yvonne Bogorya,  our consultant from the PCC branch of the Ministry for many years (her tile has now been changed to “investigator”), who has consistently supported our desire to present the best programs possible.

Here’s to the future!

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