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non-Canadian: Sylvain Chomet dropping 2D

Here’s a disappointment.

According to a recent interview, Sylvain Chomet (Triplets of  Belleville, the Illusionist) will be going in a different direction for his next film, either CG or live action.

Chomet’s been responsible for two of the most engaging 2D films in recent memory, and employed a lot of Canadians in their production.  His reasons are understandable, and I look forward to his next film regardless of medium,but it still feels something of a shame to essentially “lose” him to live action or CG.


  1. Rob Anderson Rob Anderson December 30, 2010

    I can see why he is moving to CG. You could tell how in love he was with the process based on that wonderful -fartoolongandcompletelyuseless- shot at the end of the film. You remember, the one where we said WTF is that doing there?
    So much more emotion than all that hand drawn character stuff he has been waisting his time with.


  2. Rob Anderson Rob Anderson December 31, 2010

    Why did my note show up blank? It should read “this is meant as sarcasm” just in case.

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