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press release: WGC Award nominees announced

Writer’s Guild of Canada announced their nominees last week, and it looks like The League of Super Evil could very well be the best written animated TV show in Canada, garnering two nominations this year.

Here’s the nominees for the Animation Category:

“In Animation..

League of Super Evil “All You Can Eat”
Written by Edward Kay

League of Super Evil “Voltina”
Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee & Davila LeBlanc

The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That “The Cat…Knows A Lot About Maps”
Written by Karen Moonah

Total Drama World Tour “Broadway Baby”
Written by Alex Ganetakos

Zeke’s Pad “Fetch a Sketch”
Written by Hugh Duffy”

The Winners of the 2011 WGC Screenwriting Awards will be announced on Monday, April 11, 2011 at Maro in Toronto. Ticket information is coming soon, check the WGC site for details.

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