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Showcase: Jackpot, by Ryan Wright

Last updated on May 22, 2011

One of this year’s grad films from Algonquin College, Ryan Wright’s Jackpot was one of my personal favourites.  It looks much like one would expect, and demonstrates a graduate who has paid attention and done the work.  Then it gets a bit weird.  I like weird.

Well done Ryan.

Jackpot from Ryan Wright on Vimeo.


  1. weldon toawst weldon toawst May 23, 2011

    It’s alright. Typical student wooshing back and forth with the animation and of course.a juvenile storyline…but hey..its ok..I’d pass him. Now down for the real work.

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | May 23, 2011

      Yeah, the film is typical in it’s execution, and represents a grad ready to get on to the real work. I just like that the narrative kinda goes somewhere…unexpected. It’s silly, and it made me laugh.

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