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showcase: ‘Trigger Happy’ – Riccardo Durante & Mark Ackland, 2009

Another short from ye olde ‘Dunce Bucket’ pilot (2009) from the Ackland & Durante team.

If the rumour was true and the production company who produced these was really looking to spend left over government incentives and paid for Dunce Bucket instead of wasting it, imagine what could happen if real money was put behind it. I guess that’s what we’ll all have to do. Imagine. As far as I know, this variety show went only as far as the pilot ep.


  1. Ariel Ariel August 12, 2011

    Who else here thinks that the tree branch in the picture is the guy’s arm. Hahaa

    Super funny short btw. I don’t know why, but that slo-mo wide shot walk cycle is hilarious..

    Wished this variety show would have been picked up. They always turn down the bad ideas don’t they?.. 🙁

  2. Ariel Ariel August 17, 2011

    *Oops.. meant “they always turn down the GOOD ideas”

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