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showcase: More DunceBucket, Fifi et Bobo.

I really like this one.  The gag is an old one, every kid who made it to grade two french has made this joke in some form or another, but it was funny then, and it’s funny now.  Kinda like farts.

Colin Jack‘s illustrative style translated beautifully to animation, credit to Wes Bryant for polling that off.


  1. jeff jeff September 7, 2011

    I know that Wes Bryant did a lot of the animation, I think in Flash…

  2. Cameron A. Cameron A. September 8, 2011

    Aw! I go to the Gemini ceremony, and THAT’S the day you break out Fifi et Bobo? Why do you hate me, Mike?

    I liked this the most of the Dunce Bucket shorts. It’s a one-joke premise, but it works, and it looks appealing.

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