from the internets: YouTube Gamechanger?

Back in April, it was reported (link) that Youtube would be investing 100 million dollars into original content, and launching new channels to accommodate this.  Friday they made the announcement a little more formal (link).  As word is spreading, we’re hearing from some of the folks who are involved in the initiative.  Aaron Simpson shared the news on Cold Hard Flash that Mondo Media, the company he does development work for, and the people behind online successes like Happy Tree Friends, Baman Piderman, Dick Figures, and more are one of the new partners.

It’s a great system they’ve set up.  Imagine you’re the folks at YouTube.  You make this announcement, and open the doors to pitches.  The kind of man hours involved in reviewing the submissions would kill you, and basically bust the program in the process.  However, by partnering with companies like Mondo, who already have development teams and a history of delivering popular content, YouTube relieves themselves of the burden of poring through the mounds of crap that would be coming through their door.  So now you go pitch to Mondo or MyDamnChannel.  There’s money to be spent, and if you have the content and are capable of delivering, this could be a unique opportunity.

There’s a list of channels here.

Frederator? Cool.

Stuffs gonna get made, kids.  Take advantage,

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