from the internets: ME! Talking about US!

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto Film Scene is doing some animation coverage this month, and last week got me talking over coffee.  Characteristically, I went on and on and on.  Brandy Dean was able to edit my yammering down to this.

Thanks so much to Brandy and TFS for taking an interest and giving our community some exposure!



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    This year TAAFI hosted the premiere screening of Spark.Spark was animated at Toronto’s ToonBox Entertainment. The intimate screening featured a follow up Q&A moderated by Barry Sanders with director Aaron Woodley, Rob deLeeuw (Chunk), and A.C. Peterson (Zhong).Production Companies involved (as listed on IMDb)Redrover Co. Ltd.Shanghai Hoongman Technology Co.Gulfstream PicturesToonBox EntertainmentSpark SynopsisThirteen years ago, the power-mad General Zhong seized […]

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