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events: Pixar Masterclass, Toronto/Vancouver

The latest round in the Pixar Masterclass series will be hitting town soon, for residents of both Toronto and Vancouver.  I’ve heard really great things about these classes, but haven’t been able to attend yet.  Here’s the release:

image: Pixar character

With just weeks remaining until the Pixar Artists’ Masterclass in Toronto, we have some exciting news to announce!

Today we finalized arrangements to bring in Pixar’s Emma Coats, who will be contributing to the already incredible Story day as a special guest speaker in Toronto.

In addition to being Story Artist on Pixar’s latest feature film Brave, Emma is well known for her popular “22 Pixar Story Tips“, which have been widely quoted and distributed across the web.

image: Pixar's Emma Coats

Emma Coats
Storyboard Artist
Pixar Animation Studios

As a guest speaker, Emma will share some of what she’s learned in her time at Pixar — condensed into a handy list — and how to apply these lessons toward the development of your own ideas into inventive, meaningful films. Check out Emma on Twitter at ID @lawnrocket.

It looks like a large, diverse group will be attending in Toronto, making for a great event. Taking place on July 27/28 at the University of Toronto, the class is already over 50% sold. Please register early if you plan on attending because sign-ups are picking up, a buzz is building, and we would not rule out a full house.

click here for Toronto class details & registration >

Event Overview

VanArts presents a Character Animation & Story Development Masterclass, taught by instructors from Pixar Animation Studios. This unique 2-day class is geared toward:

  • 2D/3D character animators & designers
  • writers, screenwriters, storytellers
  • game designers & developers
  • producers & editors of films & videos
  • visual effects artists, cartoonists, actors
  • other creative personnel
  • professionals, students, enthusiasts, educators

The 2012 tour is stopping
in these cities:

   Jun 22/23 Chicago USA completed
  Jun 29/30 Seattle USA details & registration >
  Jul 13/14 Miami USA details & registration >
  Jul 27/28 Toronto Canada details & registration >
  Sep 28/29 Vancouver Canada details & registration >

view overall tour info here >

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Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios is the industry’s most successful and respected production studio for animated films. VanArts is a post-secondary training institute offering accredited diploma programs for the visual, media, and performing arts to students from around the world.

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  1. Grant Moore Grant Moore July 4, 2012

    I was fortunate enough to go to the Masterclass last year in Montreal and it was fantastic. The day that focused on story really taught me some very valuable lessons in learning how to build a story and go through the iterative process of improving it. The course as a whole isn’t really a step-by-step “how to” but more of a learning experience geared at helping you to realize new approaching or techniques in the creative process. If you can afford it without breaking the bank, I would recommend it just for the experience and inspiration.

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