Snowboy and Crow, by Ken Turner

By Mike Valiquette

Toronto’s Ken Turner has been making cartoons.  They’re called the World of Snowboy and Crow, and they’re about a boy made of snow, and a crow.  And Ken likes Tim Burton.  I think.

I’ve been meaning to post Ken’s work for a long time.  He’s at every comic convention I go to, and he’s a super nice guy.  Plus, his cartoons don’t suck, which is a relief.

Here’s episode 1:

“The World of Snowboy & Crow” – Episode #1 : The Birth of Snowboy from Ken Turner on Vimeo.

Ken’s made six episodes so far, and you can find them at Filmannex.  Here are the links:

*Link to Episode #1:

*Link to Episode #2:

*Link to Episode #3:

*Link to Episode #4:

*Link to Episode #5:

*Link to Episode #6:



The World of Snowboy & Crow is a series of animated shorts created in 2012 by director Ken Turner and animated by Freak Show Studios. The characters Snowboy & Crow appear in the mini-comic The World of Snowboy & Crow, also created and illustrated by Ken Turner, from which the web series is based.

In the shorts, you enter the world of Snowboy, a boy made from snow, and his friend a Crow. These two misunderstood child-like characters live in a snowy landscape full of vampires, ufos, monsters, death and love.

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