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Canadian Screen Award Nominations

CanScreenAward_HeroEN_4C-1-300x224For those who don’t know, we have a new award in Canada this year.  Gone are the Genies, Canada’s film award, and gone is the Gemini, our top TV prize.  They’ve been mashed together into the all-encompassing, blandly-named Canadian Screen Awards.

The nominees were announced this morning.  I went through the list and tried grabbing any that related to animation.

Congrats to all the nominees!


BYDLO – Patrick Bouchard, Julie Roy
DEMONI – Theodore Ushev
EDMOND WAS A DONKEY – Franck Dion, Richard Van Den Boom, Julie Roy

PAULA – Dominic Étienne Simard, Julie Roy

Best Cross-Platform Project, Children’s and Youth

“Finding Stuff Out Online” (Smiley Guy Studios)

“Franklin and Friends Interactive” (Watch More TV Interactive Inc.)

“In Real Life Interactive” (Secret Location, Secret Location)

“My Babysitter’s a Vampire Interactive: Humans vs. Vampires” (Secret Location, Secret Location, Fresh TV Inc.)

“Pillars of Freedom Interactive” (Smiley Guy Studios, Nexus Media)

Best Animated Program or Series

Almost Naked Animals
YTV (Corus), (9 Story Entertainment Inc.) Vince Commisso, Tanya Green, Tristan Homer, Steven Jarosz, Noah Z. Jones

TVO (TVOntario), (PVP Interactif / Productions Vic Pelletier, Spark Animation -Wong Kok Cheong) François Trudel, Wong Kok Cheong, Vincent Leroux, Vic Pelletier

Producing Parker
TVtropolis (Shaw Media), (Breakthrough Entertainment) Ira Levy, Jun Camerino, Laura Kosterski, Peter Williamson

Rated A for Awesome
YTV (Corus), (Nerd Corps Entertainment) Ace Fipke, Ken Faier, Chuck Johnson

Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series Sponsored by Independent Production Fund

MuchMusic (Bell Media), (Epitome Pictures Inc.) Linda Schuyler, Stefan Brogren, David Lowe, Stephen Stohn, Stephanie Williams, Brendon Yorke

The Haunting Hour
Teletoon (Astral / Corus), (Front Street Pictures) Harvey Kahn, Dan Angel, Kim Arnott, Billy Brown

Teletoon (Astral / Corus) (Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc) Michael Hirsh

That’s So Weird!
YTV (Corus), (DHX Media Ltd., Wisecracker Productions III (ON), Wisecracker Productions III (NS)) Michael Donovan, Charles Bishop, Gary Pearson

What’s Up, Warthogs 2
Family Channel (Astral), (Aircraft Pictures Ltd.) Anthony Leo, Dean Batali, Bill O’Dowd, Andrew Rosen

Best Pre-School Program or Series

Are We There Yet? World Adventure
CBC (CBC) ,(Sinking Ship Entertainment) J.J. Johnson, Matthew Bishop, Blair Powers

Franklin and Friends
Treehouse (Corus), (Nelvana Limited, Infinite Frameworks Pte. Ltd.) Greg Chew, Jocelyn Hamilton, Pam Lehn, Doug Murphy, Derek Reeves, Mike Wiluan

My Big Big Friend
Treehouse (Corus), (Breakthrough Entertainment) Ira Levy, Andre Breitman, Peter Williamson

Stella & Sam
Disney Junior Canada (Astral), (Radical Sheep Productions) John Leitch, Michelle Melanson

Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series Sponsored by 9 Story Entertainment Inc.

Mike The Knight – The Knight Hider/ Trollee’s Sleepover 10 a/b Treehouse (Corus)

Neil Affleck

Producing Parker – How Green is my Parker? TVtropolis (Shaw Media)
Robin Budd

Almost Naked Animals – The Green Banana YTV (Corus)
Brad Ferguson

Sidekick – House of Helmut/Supermodels YTV (Corus)
Joey So

Best Original Music Score for a Series

Scaredy Squirrel – Perfect Pickle/Goat Police YTV (Corus)
Paul Intson

Best Sound in a Comedy, Variety or Performing Arts Program or Series

Detentionaire – Dudes of Darkness, Teletoon (Astral / Corus)
Sean Pearson, Michael Mancuso, Scott McCrorie

Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series

Gisele’s Big Backyard – Movie Moments – Movie Moments – Long 1 TVO (TVOntario) Paul Gardner

Wapos Bay: Long Goodbyes APTN (APTN) Dennis Jackson, Melanie Jackson

Scaredy Squirrel – From Rodent with Love YTV (Corus) Terry McGurrin

Things You Need To Know – Weather Discovery Channel (Bell Media) Alex McIntosh

Wingin’ It – Hands Solo Family Channel (Astral) Frank van Keeken

Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series

Producing Parker – How Green is my Parker? TVtropolis (Shaw Media) Kim Cattrall

Almost Naked Animals – Horn Swoggled YTV (Corus) Seán Cullen

Rated A for Awesome – Scary Go Round 110B YTV (Corus) Brian Drummond

Crash Canyon – Poker Night Teletoon (Astral / Corus) Patrick McKenna

Rated A for Awesome – Scary Go Round 110B YTV (Corus) Chiara Zanni


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