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Titmouse is opening a studio in Vancouver, and they’re hiring!

Grabbed this off Tumblr.

Hello Tumblr, it’s PeopleofMotorcity




As some of you may know, I am an animator at Titmouse Inc in Los Angeles.  This studio is responsible for such shows as Motorctiy, Black Dynamite, Superjail, Metalacolypes, Venture Brothers, China IL, Scott Pilgrim Vs the Animation and many others.


Well it is my pleasure to announce today that Titmouse is going global and opening up it’s first international branch in Vancouver Canada!


Now this my friends is where things get interesting.  We are opening up a studio in Canada, but we still a handful talented artists to fill it up with!


So this begs the question: Are you a talented artist who lives in Vancouver?  Do you have a buddy in vancouver who is trying to break into the industry?  Could one of your Tumblr followers fit the bill?  This is an open call to all of you Canuk artists out there,  We’ve seen how talented you all are, here’s your chance to put it to work!


Follow this link and fill out the form if you think you got what it takes!


Even if you don’t live in Canada you can help spread the word by re-blogging this post to the farthest reaches of the Internet.  The more talented folks we can find the more animation awesomeness we can bring you.


Live Fast, Live Free, eh?




a few side notes: We will be looking at all applicants over the next week so don’t dilly dally! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to respond to every application. 


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