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Tinman Animates the Impossible for McDonald’s

McD-characters_V01Tinman Creative Studios rock. I make no attempt to hide my affection for these guys and for what they do. Brett Jubinville and Morghan Fortier are two of my favourite people in this industry. They’re super nice, do great work, and have assembled an enviable little team at their shop in Toronto.

Their latest project is just as fun and ridiculous as anything else they’ve taken on. Here it is in Morghan’s own words:

Tribal DDB Toronto came to us to produce 12 shorts over a 12 day period of time.

Never ones to turn down a challenge, Tinman Creative Studios took it on with open arms.

The project, titled “140 Character Films” was a contest where viewers could submit their movie ideas, as long as they came in at 140 characters, and featured McDonald’s cast of characters – Big Mag, McFlurry, Fries, McNuggets and McWrap. Each spot is 2D traditional frame by frame, in flash, with found object art produced in Photoshop and After Effects.

The results were 12 hilarious spots, 2 produced every 48 hours, over the course of 12 days.  And we survived to tell the tale.

Studio: Tinman Creative Studios
Director –  Brett Jubinville
Producer –  Morghan Fortier
Animators & Designers –  Noam Sussman, Nooree Kim and Kathryn Durst
Agency: Tribal DDB
Ryan O’Hagan – Digital Producer
Mara Binudin – Associate Creative Director
Jamie King – Copywriter
Kara Wark – Art Director
Susan Grant – Account Director
Laura Muirhead – Manager, Community Cultivation

You can see more of the films here.

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