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breaking news: Pixar Canada shutting doors UPDATED

Pixar Canada Logo for WebBad news in Vancouver today, here it is in today’s Province:

Pixar Canada is shutting down.

100 employees let go.

They’re refocusing on the Emeryville shop.

Thanksfully, many of those let go should have a relatively soft landing, as other Vancouver CG shops have been scrambling to fill positions. Nitrogen and Nerdcorps both post openings here on this site regularly.

Good luck to all who have found themselves looking for new opportunities today.


Variety mentions that tax incentives have recently been cut in BC, likely prompting the closure:

Cartoon Brew readers react with sympathy and support:

The Animation Guild Blog offers some commentary:

Mark Mayerson provides some perspective:


  1. Trevor Trevor October 8, 2013

    I feel for the folks at Pixar Canada who were given the pink slip today. Bad news, but if there was a silver lining the industry in Vancouver is very busy. For what it is worth Atomic Cartoons is ramping up on a very long term CG project. Challenging and family friendly stuff. If you want to know more about jobs contact:

  2. Mke Magnan Mke Magnan October 14, 2013

    That’s too bad… wishes to the poor people getting hit. Corus likes to work like that….and I never like to see that sort of stuff.Good luck.

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