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TAAFI’s trying something new: The TAAFI ARTBOOK

From TAAFI founder, Barnabas Wornoff:

TAAFI is putting out an Art Book Toronto, and I want you ALL to be a part of it. I want your work in it, I want to see the sketches and designs you ache to do, but don’t get a chance to at your workplace.TAAFI Chair - Uncle Barnabas

If you’re like me you don’t get enough time to draw at work, or at home because you are too darn busy with life. But let’s all make an exception this one time and draw, paint, sketch or design something that we are proud of, and make an Art Book to remember the year of 2014.

I’m curious what all of our animation artists draw in Toronto, especially those too busy to blog or those without published work. I wonder what our veteran animation artists doodle in their spare time? What would Chuck Gammage sketch for fun? What would Larry Jacobs doodle? What would House of Cool’s Ricardo Curtis, or creator Mike Geiger throw-down? What would George Elliott or Greg Duffell rock onto a page?

I had lunch with Larry Jacobs the other day, (Linkedin tells me he’s directed over 200 half hours!) and he agrees he never gets the chance to doodle for himself and has decided to make time and draw a page for the TAAFI Art Book. In fact Chuck Gammage, George Elliott, Darren Donovan and Mike Geiger have all agreed to take part! (mostly)

Folks the TAAFI Art Book is going to be incredible, join these guys and put yourself in The Book. You will not only get a printed perfect-bound copy for yourself, but you’ll be part of a historic collection of all the best artists Toronto had in 2014.

This book is for you, the artists of Toronto, let’s make the TAAFI Art Book 2014 one remember! Let’s fill it up, let’s fill it right up!

TAAFI Chair,

Be in the TAAFI ART BOOK 2014!

Here’s an example of what you could submit. Artwork is by Naseer Pasha, one of the main talents behind the TAAFI Art Book.

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