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from the internets: Gloryosky responds to Canadaland’s Cartoon Sweatshop Podcast

urnewmstA few weeks back, animator Adam Hines, perhaps best know as one half of the already-missed Guys With Pencils podcast, got himself interviewed on Canadaland, where he spoke about the service nature of our animation industry, among other things. (it’s here if you haven’t listened yet.)

It generated a fair bit of conversation/debate/praise/ugly trolling.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d throw Gloryosky’s response at you guys and see what you think. He doesn’t necessarily argue with Adam, but he does add a few important points to the conversation.

Read it here.


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  1. wildeyed wildeyed August 27, 2014

    Where is the conversation/debate/praise/ugly trolling? The podcast website has no comments function that I could find. I’d love to see what others had to say about it.

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