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Urbance Kickstarter: FUNDED!!!!! and still 43 HOURS TO GO!

urbance by Toma
UPDATE: With 44 hours to go, Urbance just hit their goal of raising $189 000.00!!!!!! I’ve seen projects bounce back, but this is amazing. Just two days ago they were short about 35K (if I’m not mistaken), and now they might be looking at stretch goals. I’m excited to be supporting this project, and I want to thank everyone else who jumped on board these last few days.
We got a gentle reminder from our Ottawa pal Toma Feizo-Gaz, that the Urbance Kickstarter is counting down and shockingly, they haven’t hit their goal.
But here, let’s let Toma share his thoughts:

Hey Canada what gives?!

So a little disclaimer: though it may sound like it, this is not a gripe, it’s a call to ACTION.

There are A LOT of things going on in animation in Canada, and there is a HUGELY supportive community that is tight knit, that wants even more success for what Canada can create, and will put some elbow grease into making it happen. And we all KNOW 2d animation isn’t dead – but my question is are we doing our very best to make it thrive?

Why do I ask?

Because I don’t understand why THIS hasn’t happened yet?

For those of you afraid to click that link – I’m talking about Urbance:

The brain child of a highly talented/creative group of guys FIRST.
A visually stunning and unique vision the likes of which we rarely see SECOND.
A Canadian owned project on Kickstarter looking for OUR help THIRD.

I won’t pretend to know how many Canadians have or haven’t backed this project – I do know there are enough of us to ensure this project isn’t in danger of reaching it’s goal.

Then WHY is it?

Not trying to point fingers here – the reality is we just haven’t talked about it enough – if the meager post found on this very website is any indication.

Again, not trying to gripe, but shame on you Canadian Animation Resources (Mike you know I Love you man,) that post was barely a blip in the void that can be the interwebs.

So I ask you – what can YOU do to make this heard?

(Please don’t force me to make any more fan art – just click the LINK and go see this for yourself, talk about it to friends, post about it online, and even if just a little bit, BACK it!)

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  1. Toma Toma November 5, 2014

    Mike, Canadian Animation Resources, and every single one of you out there (you know who you are) that clicked and pushed this past it’s goal – THANK YOU!

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