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The Ottoman Kickstarter, 7 days to go

5bd8cd7c60983db6deebbc7c07bf55fd_largeThere’s just so much amazing work, worthy of support, happening via Kickstarter. At the risk of just becoming exclusively an outlet for such things, here’s the latest that’s been brought to my attention: The Ottoman.

The Ottoman is an ambitious short film that’s attempting to bring the look and feel of classic European comics to life.

It claims to be based out of Brooklyn, but there’s a very strong Canadian contingent involved. The 75 thousand dollar ask is high, but not unrealistic for a project of this calibre.  They’ve got seven days to go, and while it’s currently looking like a bit of a longshot, we’ve seen big surges in these campaigns in the past. So check it out, and if you can’t support through cold hard cash, use your online currency and share, share, share!


  1. Dimos Dimos December 9, 2014

    Thanks for helping us spread the word, and YES there is a HUGE Canadian team that worked and is working on this. I am the Animation Director and Co-Producer so it’s actually a US/Canadian Co-Pro. We’ve also used many talented artists from Toronto and Montreal so Canada is well represented. Please, head on over to the Kickstarter page and see if you can lend us a hand.

    -Dimos Vrysellas

  2. Dimos Dimos December 11, 2014

    The Ottoman Kickstarter campaign has officially surpassed the 50% mark! EXCITING NEWS!!! We still have 5 days to hit our mark and I am very hopeful with some word of mouth, sharing of posts and Kickstarter page, plus additional contributions we can hit our goal. Although we’re a ways off, this has been done before by other campaigns and will be an awesome achievement if we can do the same. Please help in ANY way you can.

    Thank you all for your time, consideration and support!


  3. Dimos Dimos December 13, 2014

    We’re now at $49.5K and rising. Maxon, the makers of the software we’re using to produce our film, have agreed to match any donation dollar for dollar from yesterdays’ contributions until the end of our campaign in 3 days. WE NEED EVERYONES HELP! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign, see which rewards you’re willing to donate to, and spread the word, share the posts and let’s get this short film funded!!! Thanks for your consideration!

  4. Dimos Dimos December 14, 2014

    Alright folks… Just a couple of days left. Maxon Cinema 4D is doubling all donations for the last few days so your money doubles automagically! We need to hit our goal so let’s do this. If you have already donated, a big THANK YOU to all of you. If you could spare a few more bucks even better because that extra money doubles too! If you’re waiting to help, well now’s the time. If all you can do to help is spread the word then that is awesome too! Share the posts, the links and talk to everyone who’ll listen. We’re only a few steps away from making this happen. Much love and respect!

  5. Dimos Dimos December 15, 2014

    Friends of The Ottoman short film! We have finally reached our funding goal! With just under a day and a half left, we still have some time for stretch goals! THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support! Please help continue to spread the word!

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | December 17, 2014

      Amazing news! Congrats to the entire team, and can’t wait to see the final product.

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