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from the internets: Battle of the Planets reboot coming from Nelvana!

rescue+of+the+astronauts05This is the greatest cartoon of my childhood.

And the folks at Nelvana are bringing it back. Some lucky buggers are getting directed to “re-imagine the cult anime series with a distinct new look and feel, but will feature the same big action stories and characters”.

Excuse me now, while I go curl up into a ball of professional envy.


  1. Bryce Hallett Bryce Hallett January 13, 2015

    AH dag nabbit!
    I loved that show and have the entire series on dvd.
    Definitely envious/ jealous of whoever gets to work on this!

  2. Bryce Hallett Bryce Hallett January 13, 2015

    It’s funny though the kid screen article mentions how they defend the universe but Gatchaman actually never leaves planet Earth. Not once. Hopefully they aren’t also bringin back 7-zark-7 and his flying dog though that they added in the english versions. So so awful. ha ha

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