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TONIGHT! TORONTO! Animatic TO Presents: Undergrads Creator Pete Williams

undergrads, Pete Williams, animationnewsAnimatic TO continues to offer up a great series of speakers, with tonight being no exception.

A long time ago on a tv network far far away…

Pete Williams will be giving a talk about his animated TV series, UNDERGRADS! originally aired in 2001, the series only ran for 13 episodes but has since gained a cult following.

A lot has changed in the last 15 years with how content is distributed and consumed. Pete will take you back in time to discuss the show’s arduous journey through development, his short-lived experience as a showrunner, and how he and some of the original writers are trying to breathe new life into the show with a crowd-sourced UNDERGRADS movie!

Join us for a talk on how this series made its mark and has since been moving forward with the ever changing industry. This will be a great talk if you have an interest in how things work between creators and ownership of their work.

The RHINO: 1249 Queen St West


DOORS OPEN @ 7:00pm TALK BEGINS @ 7:30pm

Here’s the event page.

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