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press release: Youth Media Alliance launches its Digital Toolkit

Youth-Media-Alliance-Médias-Jeunesse-e1331244218437 Youth Media Alliance (YMA) is pleased to unveil its Digital Toolkit, a practical tool to answer ethical and legal questions that producers of digital content for young people may have.


Development of the Digital Toolkit was made possible through the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the Canada Media Fund (CMF), the Bell Fund, the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA), Bereskin & Parr, and mbiance.


The Digital Toolkit provides creators of youth content for Canadian and international markets with a wealth of information about issues involved in operating an online site or mobile application for children, including security, moderation, online payment, advertising, marketing, and personal information. It contains 21 practical information sheets presenting definitions, excerpts from laws and regulations, and advice from a group of experts.


Guillaume Aniorté, Vice President of Strategic Development at Frima, project instigator and a member of the board of directors of YMA, explains: “As technologies multiply, the need for a practical and efficient tool to help our industry understand and adopt the best digital practices was becoming obvious. This project is completely consistent with the positions we defend at the Youth Media Alliance and with our quality charter, which now encompasses new media.”

“OMDC was pleased to support the development of this important resource for kids content creators. OMDC’s mandate includes acting as a catalyst for research and development in the cultural media industries, and it’s our hope that this toolkit will become a valuable reference for producers seeking guidance on how to navigate the ethical and legal complexities of the digital landscape.” ‑Karen Thorne-Stone, President & CEO, OMDC

“This toolkit is another helpful resource for the Canadian audiovisual industry,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, CMF. “The Children’s and Youth digital media sector registers among the highest number of visits and the longest average duration of visits among the genres the CMF supports. We know that young audiences are gravitating towards digital content and our industry must continue to innovate in order to meet this growing demand in today’s competitive international digital environment.”

The researcher and lead author for the Digital Toolkit is Sabrina Dubé-Morneau. Other collaborators include Guillaume Aniorté, Christiane Asselin, Judith Beauregard, Chloé Benaroya, Chantal Bowen, Geneviève Brault, Amy Dam Esq., Sophie Dufort, Nathalie Jackson Esq., Caroline Julien, François Larose Esq., Jean-Phillipe Marin, Lesley McCubbin, Sandrine Pechels de Saint Sardos, and André H. Caron of the Centre for Youth and Media Studies at Université de Montréal.


These practical information sheets, which will be updated on a regular basis, will enable producers and distributors of youth content to offer products that meet the highest standards on the latest delivery platforms. The sheets are available free of charge in English and French on the YMA website at

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