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Demo Reels: Blame Your Brother Creative Workshop

blame your brother, animation, canadaWant to watch another cool reel? Well look no further. Here’s the latest one from Blame Your Brother Creative Workshop. Blame Your Brother is Darren and Geoff Donovan, actual brothers, actual twins, actual crazy talented individuals. Darren’s an animator, Geoff’s a graphic designer. They make a great team. They’re also really nice guys, but don’t tell them I said so, they’ll be impossible.

Check it.

BYB REEL from Blame Your Brother on Vimeo.

They also just completed a spot you may have seen over the holidays if you went to a certain Sci-Fi mega blockbuster movie. They busted out this spot for Cineplex in just 3 weeks.

Enjoy The Magic from Blame Your Brother on Vimeo.

So basically, yeah, they don’t suck. Again, please don’t tell them I said so.

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