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DEMO REELS: Tinman Creative Studios

tinman, animation, canadaI’m tired of posting jobs. It’s great, there’s lots of work out there, but sometimes I get buried under the job posts and it feels like that’s all we share around here anymore.

Want to watch some demo reels? Some of them are pretty fucking great. Let’s start with my pals at Toronto’s Tinman Creative. Brett and Morghan have an awesome shop, one they consistently provides me with a tremendous amount of studio envy. Their reel, though a bit dated, it’s from 2014 (seriously guys? I get it, you’re too busy being awesome to make a new reel), shows off just a part of why I’m so envious. Put your eyes on this.

Also, they have a kickstarter on the go right now for more episodes of their amazing, AMAZING webseries, Super Science Friends. Go give them all your money.

Here’s the link.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the actual first episode of Super Science Friends. It’s bananas.

Oof. I love these guys so much I almost hate them.

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