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from the internets: DHX Buys Peanuts and Strawberry Shortcake for 345 Million Dollars.

This is all over the internet today. Canadian media giant, DHX Media just made a deal to buy Iconix Brand Group for $345 000 000.00 (I’m assuming USD).

Iconix owns 80{f2e86ea6af82e2bb048871abf045622abf0ed27fb513932dc1ee8c05a54cbefd} of Peanuts, and 100{f2e86ea6af82e2bb048871abf045622abf0ed27fb513932dc1ee8c05a54cbefd} of Strawberry Shortcake.

Here’s Deadline Hollywood on it:

Here’s Variety with the same info:

CBC with more of the same:

And the Hollywood Reporter got the press release too:

Finally, and of course, Playback has the exact same info behind a paywall:


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