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events: Cartoon Forum, Quebec City, October 24 to 26

Cartoon Forum is coming up soon, and there’s a deadline this weekend for registration to their one on one meetings.

Here’s the link.

Worry free one-to-one meetings

At Cartoon Connection there are NO unending email exchanges to organise your meetings. Everything is done online and the only email you will receive is the one with your meeting schedule a few days before the event.
All you have to do is to fill out your online profile and from September 5 to the 18, you select who you would like to meet with a click. NOBODY will bother you to see if you can meet with them, everything is done on the online platform. For more information, click HERE

IMPORTANT : To take advantage of this wonderful service, the registration deadline has been pushed back to this Sunday, Semptember 10th at midnight (EST). If you don’t register by then, your agenda will be empty and you will have to set your meetings on site with the help of our staff.

Major broadcasters will be there!


Cartoon Connection Awards
The chance is given for four (4) Canadian producers to win a Cartoon Connection Award given by the European broadcasters in attendance. This means that the lucky producers of these awards can participate and pitch at the very prestigious Cartoon Forum (  (for TV series) or at the Cartoon Movie (  (for animated features) which are usually accessible to European producers only.

Included with your registration
1/2 day of conferences and round tables
1 1/2 day of one-to-one meetings
2 lunches
2 cocktails
2 dinners
4 coffee breaks
Local transportation to activities outside of the event venue
Let’s not forget the opportunity to create long lasting business relationships
And a lot a fun!

Find Out More (

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