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Nickelodeon International Animated Shorts Program Call For Submissions: GIRL POWER!

Here’s the link.

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  1. Bradley Scott Munn Bradley Scott Munn December 27, 2017

    I am a 3D animator who is currently working at Copernicus Studios where my positions include designing and animating 2D VFX. I am also responsible for RnD, and a certain level of character retake animation for Amazon’s If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. I also have worked on two episodes of Season two of Disney’s Pickle and Peanut. I have been debating my career choices as of late, and now feels like the perfect time to extend my arm to a company who I’ve always dreamed of working for Nickeloden, and see if they’d have me as a part of their family. My skills extend beyond animation, so if I am ever needed to help or give advice in other departments I am always happy to lend a word, just like I do here at Copernicus.

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