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Seneca 2D Online Gradshow! Grad Film Premieres!!! Thursday Night!!!!!!!

It’s a very weird year to be graduating from an animation program. You’re being told the jobs are out there, that the industry is still going strong, but the usual routes to meeting recruiters and studio reps have been taken right out of the picture. Job fairs and industry days have been canceled. It sucks.

So what are the schools doing to bridge the gap? Well, Seneca is hosting a live online premiere on Thursday night! We’ve been running a little banner ad up top for about a week, but there’s finally more details.

What are college’s doing right now because of Social Distancing? Streaming it all online! First up is Seneca this Thursday night. Tune in at 8pm to I mean what else are you really doing?

TAAFI Chair Barnabas Wornoff will be hosting a Live Stream with the grads.

I talked to Barney about the event, in typical Barney fashion, here’s what he had to say.

What do you do with fresh baked cartoons and nowhere to screen and celebrate them with friends, family and future employers? 

We ran into this problem at Seneca this year with our 2D Stream. Usually we have a big fun family screening and watch and laugh together at the achievements in cartoonery, but this year it became a lot harder… no, it became impossible. No TAAFI Job Fair, no Seneca Coalesce, no fun, and we can’t even breathe on each other. What a ripoff!

Well our only option was to build a smoking hot website and put the whole goddam thing online. We turned what was utter sadness and despair into a celebration!

Want to meet the Grads behind the 3 gorgeous new cartoons we’re Premiering Thursday at 8pm Toronto time? Want to hire one? Want to laugh again?

Take your pants off, keep your underwear on, grab a bowl of mostly thawed shrimp and feast on not only those pink headless ghosts, but also on some fun real live people all connecting from their homes, parents homes, and local sewers.

It all happens on

You can even comment in real-time! Smell ya there.

There’s a Facebook event for it. Right here.

Full transparency, I taught a class this past semester at Seneca, so I know these grads a little. They’re a good bunch, and the program at Seneca has really grown over the past few years. I’m excited to see the films. So, as Barney said, smell ya there.

Poster by Jessica Nguyen.

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