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from the internets: Gender Study in Animation, Caillou No More?

A report by the Children’s Media Lab at Ryerson University in Toronto titled “Examining Children’s Animated Television in Canada,”has shown that on-screen representation of people of color has increased overall, while female characters and disabled characters are still underrepresented. You can check out the report here. It’s actually pretty cool, and well-presented for non-academics.

Most of the world appeared to have something to celebrate this past week, as Canadian animation’s most hated contribution to the world, Caillou, was finally dropped by PBS in the US. It looks like EVERYBODY picked up this story. HOWEVER. While PBS won’t be carrying it, the whiniest kid in cartoons is far from gone. Wildbrain is committed to the brand. So we’re not out of the woods yet. Here’s CBC’s article. I don’t know if this means they’ll continue to produce new episodes, but with 21 years of broadcast behind it, we won’t be short of reruns, ever. Here’s a Huffpost article about the Caillou hatred from 2017. And here’s their coverage of the cancellation, including the joy of parents celebrating it’s demise via twitter.

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