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Update to Our Commitment to Salary Transparency

image by noam sussman

Hi folks!

We’ve been making our new job post terms clear to all the studios we deal with on a regular basis. It’s a slow process, as suspected. We mostly deal with HR people, or recruiters, or even production managers/coordinators, so getting this info means going up the chain and having a real conversation. WHICH IS WHAT WE WANT! There have been some pleasant surprises, as at least one larger company that I made assumptions about seems to be proving me wrong and may be really chill about it. Others are taking some time to figure it out. Which is totally fine.

I’ve updated our “about” page on here to put the new requirements front and centre, or at least somewhere permanent where people can find it. That’s fun. Makes it all official.

I’m still concerned that this could kill our job board, I won’t lie. I’m hoping, really hoping, that studios will see the benefit of doing this, and understand what the optics of this kind of transparency will mean to you guys. There are so many other places where studios can post jobs now, so we’re not the hot spot we once were. But maybe this will become some kind of badge of honour! Only the cool studios, who are down with sharing all their specifics, can be on our board! Or maybe it’s a distinction we make, some kind of highlight for those studios who get on board, while still posting jobs from other shops. I don’t know, that may be a compromise we shouldn’t make. We’re still figuring it out.

I’m still posting jobs right now that don’t follow the template. I don’t want to just walk away completely and create a barrier where we don’t need one. The site has always been about creating access, and I don’t want that to change.

Hoping for the best.



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