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from the internets: September Animation Roundup

We used to do this feature all the time, but these days most of this gets covered via retweets and shares on various platforms. But it still warms my heart to post a few links on here to Canadian animation related mentions across the current version of our world wide web.

Here’s what popped up over the last little while.

  1. Jason Loftus’ animated documentary, Eternal Spring, has been selected as Canada’s entry to the Best International Feature category for the upcoming Academy Awards. Wait, isn’t animation a genre? (kidding)
  2. Corus is launching a streaming service, Teletoon+. It’s a crowded landscape for emerging streamers, hopefully they can find their audience.
  3. When we first launched the site, all those many, MANY years ago, this kind of attention on Canadian shows was non-existent. All these years later, whole generations have grown up on Canadian TV and Canadian cartoons, and now we make lists about them. We’re sometimes weird, sometimes obscure, sometimes just plain freaky.
  4. Wildbrain is making animated Teletubbies. That’s the news on that one.

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