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  • Starz secures 12 million in financing from Royal Bank of Canada. I don’t know the details, but generally something like this es more like a line of credit, gap financing. So it’s not like the Royal Bank is financing their productions. It’s more like a payday cash advance from a really big Money Mart so they can pay thir staff until their own paycheck arrives.Runaway0
  • Cordell Barker’s Runaway makes the Oscar short list for best animated short. Lots of coverage, but I’ll link here. There’s a nice little description of the film.
  • Lisa Reis to Marblemedia. Multiplatform brand integration.
  • The race for global domination between Cookie Jar and Nelvana is a tight one. Cookie Jar is moving on asia through South Korea

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  1. Gene Fowler Gene Fowler November 27, 2009

    Oh it’s financing all right. Just real high interest financing. On Three Delivery we had a private lender. Super expensive stuff.

    It’s probably interim financing until they get their 260 million rolling from the onterrible government.

    jealous much, yeah.


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