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weekly Rex Bunyan

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I really like these Rex Bunyan comix.  Sometimes, they miss a beat, but they have a real charm and genuine warmth.  The trickiest thing about creating characters is getting your audienc to care about them.  I think Darren has succeeded on that one.  And he manages to get one out each week.  So there’s that too.

Great work Darren, keep it up.



  1. RAWLS RAWLS December 15, 2009

    Thanks my friend!!! You’re a great PR man!! I’m going to have to start paying you! 🙂

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | December 15, 2009

      There is that little “donate” button up in the corner of the site!
      Just sayin’.
      Keep it up Darren, you do good work.

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