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New contributor: Warren Leonhardt

I’d like to invite everyone to join me in welcoming Mr Warren Leonhardt the Canadian Animation Resources team.  I met Warren a few years ago at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.  We have a lot of people in common and I’m a huge admirer of his work.  Warren’s been a frequent commenter here and has been great for passing on info from the Toronto area.  For now, Warren will be contributing to our “Profiles” department.  He’s opening with an interview with PEI’s Troy Little.  Regular readers will be familiar with the name.  Troy’s an animation guy who does comix and one of the co-creator’s of Angora Napkin, which is both a comic, and a cartoon!

Here’s a little about Warren:

Warren Leonhardt spent too much time watching tv, reading comics, or doodling in his math textbooks to really pay attention, but he thinks he was raised the Kootenays of British Columbia by two grownups and a sister. After realizing that cartoons and animated films don’t make themselves but were actually made by people, he decided to become one of those people. Over time he’s managed to fool companies like House of Cool, Disney Canada, Spümcø, Sony Pictures Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Corus into actually paying him money to draw funny pictures and generally goof around as a storyboard artist for animated features and television. He currently lives in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada with his long-suffering wife and toddler. In between drawing till his hand falls off and fending off the wildlife invading his property, he interviews people more interesting than himself for Canadian Animation Resources.

His words, not mine.

Needless to say, I’m delighted to have him aboard, and I’m hoping we can get him to do a few other pieces here as well.

You can find Warren’s work over here.




  1. Mark Mayerson Mark Mayerson May 6, 2010

    Fix your damned site, Warren! When I ran your photo for Sheridan’s industry day, all I could link to was your imdb listing. Phooey!

    Love ya, baby.

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | May 6, 2010

      Looks like Warren got his site up and running today, just in time for all the CAR readers.

  2. sir warren b sir warren b May 7, 2010

    MARK! You’re the best.

    Yes, I have just barely crammed some things up on my wee corner of the web. I’ll move in some more furniture when I get the chance, but by all means drop by, everyone! Housewarmings are best when the living room’s pretty much empty anyway.

    ~ w.

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