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comix: Angora Napkin, pages 11 and 12. Tune in tonight to Teletoon @ 11:30 for the pilot!

Here are the last two pages of Nick Cross’ Angora Napkin comic. For more Angora Napkin, watch Teletoon tonight at 11:30.  Nick directed one half of the pilot, while co-creator Troy Little handled the other half.

Happy Haloween!

click on the images to embiggen!

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  1. Cameron A. Cameron A. November 1, 2010

    I finally managed to see Angora Napkin. It’s a bit weak in spots (the Dolphin Boy part got repetitive near the end), but quite worthy of a season.

    Frankly, AN kicks the pants off any other adult show I’ve seen from Teletoon. The limited animation is very well done. I think this show could get a worldwide audience, Oshawa and Labatt 50 references be damned.

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